Personnel Selection Consultants and I/O Psychologists


uVox was developed with the help and feedback of I/O psychologists as an alternative to having to use multiple, disparate test vendor systems when evaluating candidates for their customers.

With uVox you can access content from leading test publishers as well as your own in-house content in an integrated environment. The system can be customized to fit with your business processes and can be branded to your image.


Key benefits

  • Branded candidate environment.

  • Simplified administration. Combine tests from leading vendors, including your own into integrated batteries.

  • Enhanced candidate experience with single sign-on.

  • Conduct assessments remotely.

  • Automate in-baskets, simulations, interview questionnaires and other in-house content.

  • Design customized assessment programs to meet specific customers' needs.

  • Design competency-based reports and expert reports. Incorporate your own scoring algorithms to process data from different tests within a single report.

  • With uVox, raw data can easily be extracted for analysis and R&D.


uVox will not only streamline your assessment process and lower your operating costs, it will also allow you to expand the range of services you offer to meet new business opportunities, as it has done for the many consulting firms that currently use it.

About Ullix

Since 2005 Ullix has worked with organizations that need to evaluate large volumes of candidates to develop solutions that help these organizations manage their assessments more efficiently. Ullix has developed uVox, a cloud-based, content-neutral and highly configurable software platform that can automate practically any assessment process.

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