uVox Testing is a cloud-based assessment delivery platform that helps organizations assess employees and candidates more efficiently.

uVox is content-neutral

uVox is an open platform that can integrate commercially available tests from any vendor as well as your own in-house content and instruments such as in-baskets, interview questionnaires.


Create customized assessment packages

Configure rules to manage candidate exemptions, branching, hurdles. Use project-specific reports that integrate data from different tests.


uVox is candidate centric

Candidate has a single login and completes all the tests in a single, branded environment. One candidate registration, one notification and one assessment report, regardless of the number of tests used in the assessment package. This approach results in a better candidate experience and a much easier process to manage and support.


Flexible process automation

Business rules and a workflow module give you all the flexibility you need to model and automate your process as required.


Deploy anywhere

on the candidate's side, uVox offers a highly secure environment that uses only standard web technologies with low minimum requirements. uVox works on all the popular browsers and does not require installing extensions. This makes it easy to implement remote assessment programs when appropriate.


uVox offers a rich administration application

  • Administrators can register candidates, schedule test sessions, notify candidates and manage the participation life cycle;
  • Content managers can maintain content data such as tests, norms, protocols; they can extract data for item analysis;
  • Management users can extract any type of report such as usage and billing reports;
  • Psychologists can view candidate results, generate detailed participation reports, access and annotate candidate files;
  • As a system owner, you can create client accounts with appropriate data and functionality restrictions so that your clients can manage their testing autonomously but under your control.


Leverage your data

uVox can be interfaced to external applicant tracking system or HRIS so that candidates are automatically registered and tests are automatically assigned based on any criteria you choose. Once the assessment is complete, results can be automatically exported to your talent management system.


uVox Testing is secure

At the candidate level, mechanisms such as double authentication, parallel forms, item randomization and tight control of the candidate's environment ensure the protection of your content. At the application level, a role based access privileges system ensures absolute control over what data and functionality all users can access.


uVox is proven

Millions of assessments have been successfully completed in uVox.


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About Ullix

Since 2005 Ullix has worked with organizations that need to evaluate large volumes of candidates to develop solutions that help these organizations manage their assessments more efficiently. Ullix has developed uVox, a cloud-based, content-neutral and highly configurable software platform that can automate practically any assessment process.

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